Sweden 2006 - İsmail TEZCAN

Eyl 09 2006

Dear Friends, We are the members of Servas Turkey. (Ismail, Ayfer,Damla and Okan). We departed Istanbul on September 9, 2006, at about 10:40 a.m. local time by Turkish Airlines 

scheduled flight (TK1793).After 3 hours and 10 minutes flight time, on our scheduled time, at about 01:00 p.m. local time, we arrived to Stockholm Arlanda airport. The time difference between Turkey and Sweden was 1 hour.The population of Sweden is about 9 million and Stockholm (the capitol) is about 760000. The area of Sweden is a little larger than half of Turkey.Our Hertz Rental car was ready at the airport, since I reserved it online a few days before our arrival date. The rental car was Volvo S80, 2400 cc, diesel, A/T. We loaded our luggages to the car and started driving from Stockholm to the South of Sweden. From Stockholm, we took the freeway E4 to South down to Norrkoping and then we took the highway E22 down to Rockneby that is 30 km North of Kalmar. Distance between Stockholm to Rockneby is about 420 km, and it took me about 4 hours to drive it. In Rockneby, we met our Servas Hosts Lars and Ulrika and their children Jakob and Ellen.They live in a countryside house near Rockneby about 30 km North of Kalmar. Lars is a social worker and Ulrika is a University Administrator. We stayed with them for 2 nights. We visited Kalmar and Oland. Oland is an island that is connected to Kalmar with a 10-km-bridge. Kalmar is a small city and Oland is one of the summer holiday destinations of Sweden.  Dear Lars and Ulrika, thank you for your time and hospitality. We've been happy to meet you in Rockneby. Then we drove the same route (E22 and E4) from Rockneby to Stockholm. In Stockholm, we met our Servas Hosts Hans and Christiane and their children Stephan and Estelle. Christiane was born in France. Everybody in this family was French speaking and Damla had a chance to speak in French with them. They had piano in their house and Damla also had a chance to play piano for us. Their house was located in Huddinge that is about 10 km South of downtown Stockholm. We stayed with them for 2 nights. During that time, we visited the TV tower of Stockholm from where you can see all the city. We visited Vasa Museum, Skansen where you can see old styled and historical houses of Sweden. We visited Stockholm University, Natural History Museum and Cosmonova where we watched an IMAX 3-D movie. Dear Hans and Christiane, thank you for your time and hospitality.We have been happy to meet you in Huddinge, Stockholm.Then we headed to North of Stockholm about 30 km North of Arlanda, and about 60 km North of Stockholm, to the city of Uppsala. This city is well-known with its University and the famous Biologist Linne. Arlanda is located between Stockholm and Uppsala. In Uppsala, we met our Hosts Christopher and Eva and their 4 children.They live in a house that is about 6 km South of downtown Uppsala. We stayed with them for 3 nights. During that time, we visited Linne Garden, Linne Museum, Cathedral in downtown Uppsala, Hammarskogs Herrgard in South of Uppsala, Skokloster Castle in North of Sigtuna, small city of Sigtuna in the West of Arlanda. We also visited

IKEA of Sweden in Uppsala.Dear Christopher and Eva, thank you for your time and hospitality.We've been happy to meet you in Uppsala.We stayed 2 nights in Rockneby, 2 nights in Huddinge (Stockholm) and 3 nights in Uppsala. I drove about 1500 km in 8 days(7 nights) in Sweden. Sweden is greener than you may expect, has fewer density of people than you may think, has beautiful and unpolluted nature, has intelligent people, has world famous companies like Volvo (cars and trucks), Saab (cars and airplanes), Scania (trucks), Tetra Pak (packages), Ericsson (telephone), IKEA (furniture), etc.Finally, on September 16, 2006 at 02:10 p.m. we took the scheduled flight of Turkish Airlines (TK 1794) and after a 3-hour-trip we arrived to Istanbul on our scheduled time at 06:45 p.m. Thanks to everybody who made this holiday possible,enjoyable, valuable, unforgettable. We highly recommend all travellers to visit this beautiful country Sweden when they have time and energy. 

With Our Best Wishes,